CP3 Services

  1. Pre-Health Advisement: Individualized academic and career advisement is offered for students interested in careers in the areas of biomedical research, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, and nursing. The aforementioned are the only career areas that are currently served. 
  2. Professional Development Workshops: Workshops will be advertised on Engage Lincoln Lions. Some workshop topics include “How to write a personal statement for a scientific research internship”, “How to create a curriculum vita”, and “How to write a scientific abstract”.
  3. Editing Services: Individualized editing services are provided for student Personal Statements, Scientific Abstracts, Curriculum Vitae, Scientific Posters, and PowerPoint Presentations.
  4. Maintenance of Pre-health student list serve and Promotion of Student Opportunities: Announcements about intramural and extramural opportunities for students (i.e. conferences, pre-health programs, scholarships, etc.) are sent via the Pre-health list serve that is  maintained and the Engage Lincoln Lions platform. If you would like me to send announcements to students, feel free to email them to my office. As I am notified of opportunities, I also forward those notices to relevant academic department chairs if I think they may be of interest.
  5. Repository of Pre-health recruitment materials: Graduate and professional schools send promotional and recruitment materials to my office. Promotional materials are received from schools nationwide. Materials are available for students to take/copy.
  6. Repository of admissions test prep materials:  MCAT, DAT, and PCAT test preparation materials will be available for loan to students who visit the office. Please note that the office does NOT currently provide individualized test prep services or funds for individual students to take test prep courses.
  7. Co-Sponsor for the Lincoln University Pre-Med/Pre-Health Club: I am the secondary sponsor for the Lincoln Pre-Med/Pre-Med Club. The main sponsor for 2018-2019 is Dr. Carla Gallagher. (cgallagher@lincoln.edu).
  8. Pre-Health Advisory Committee Member: This is a committee composed of Lincoln University faculty that interviews students who are planning to apply to Professional School(s) with the purpose of drafting a committee letter of recommendation.
  9. Lincoln University's American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) database access representative: Although any faculty member can submit a recommendation letter to the AMCAS system (the medical school application system) for a student, the responsibility of submitting University committee letters to the AMCAS system occurs through this office; however, the drafting of committee letters remains the responsibility of the Pre-Health Advisory Committee collectively. To request a letter, please complete the applicable form provided on this website.