Cengage Unlimited

Cengage Unlimited is a digital subscription service that offers total and on-demand access to digital learning platforms, eBooks, online homework, and study tools in one place and for one price.  The cost to students for Cengage Unlimited for one calendar year is $159.99. This yearly fee covers all Cengage course materials no matter how many courses a student may be enrolled in that are using Cengage Unlimited.

Your students should visit the Canvas and Technology webpage for Cengage Unlimited information.





  Interested in Using Cengage Unlimited in Your Course?
  • Schedule an appointment with Nancy Evans or Dr. Nora Gardner (ngardner@lincoln.edu).
    • Design and personalize your curriculum using Cengage Unlimited products such as ebooks, online homework, study guides, videos, and more!
  • Search for your Cengage Unlimited Representative to obtain help.
  • Once you complete the integration, your Cengage Unlimited course materials and gradebook will be available through your Canvas course.
  Training, Technical Support, Questions
  • You can view archived training sessions and self-training videos. Instructor manuals are available on the Cengage Unlimited website. Select your product and click on the appropriate training materials.
  • Cengage Unlimited training materials may also be accessed through the Cengage Unlimited course on your Canvas dashboard.
  • Live training sessions will be available throughout the semester.
Tech Support
  • Tech Support will assist you with placing your course level and assignment level links, as well as copying course shells, activating integrated digital content, and importing test banks.
  • Visit the Cengage Portal for questions or technical support.
  • Call Cengage Unlimted tech support at 800-354-9706.
Pop-up Blocker Off
  • Make sure the pop-up blocker is dabled within the browser.
  • If you are having issues, please view "How can I get help?"
Cengage Representatives
  • Cengage representatives help faculty to:
    • choose ebooks an digital materials based on the course syllabus
    • create a Cengage Unlimited course to link to your Canvas course
  • Professional Studies Rep: Brandon Groh, brandon.groh@cengage.com
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Rep: Amanda Ventling, amanda.ventling@cengage.com

Contact CETL or the Cengage Unlimited Faculty Ambassador

  CETL Cengage Unlimited Faculty Ambassador

CETL Faculty Cengage Unlimited Ambassador

CETL faculty Cengage Unlimited ambassador is available to assist you with using Cengage Unlimited to enhance your course.