Academic Support

The Academic Support Unit at Lincoln University, located on the 2nd floor of Wright Hall, is committed to assisting the Lincoln community in building a culture of academic excellence. In order to develop this foundation for academic excellence, the Academic Support Unit provides academic coaching and advising, professional and peer tutoring, placement testing, computer labs, student development workshops, and hosts the Act 101 program.  Using a student-centered approach, assistance is provided for all students utilizing best practices based on published, peer-reviewed evidence, ongoing systematic assessment, collaboration and alignment with academic curriculum, current technologies, cultural competence, and an appreciation for diverse learning abilities to provide preeminent services to students and the Lincoln Community.

Services include:

The Writing and Reading Center (WRC), and the Math Learning Center (MLC), are located in the Office of Academic Support, however operate under the auspices of the English (Language and Linguistics) and the Math Departments. These two centers will provide academic assistance to students enrolled in English and math courses as need dictates. 

Office Address: Wright Hall 2nd Floor Reception Area
Evelyn Davis-Poe Ms. Evelyn Davis-Poe, M.A. Associate Vice President for Student Success and Academic Support, Division of Student Success 484-365-7461
  • Wright Hall 211
Shirley M. Quillin Ms. Shirley M. Quillin Program Assistant, Academic Support, Division of Student Success 484-365-7627
  • Wright Hall 2nd Floor Reception Area