Academic Affairs

The department of Academic Affairs focuses on cultivating the Lincoln University campus into a student-centered learning community that embraces innovation. We promote excellence in teaching, learning, research, scholarly creativity, cultural appreciation, and artistic expression, all to ensure that Lincoln students like you have a top-notch educational experience that lays the groundwork for further study and a career after graduation.

The four core functions of our work at Academic Affairs are:

  • The recruitment, retention, and success of students through our inspired teaching, proactive advising, and long-standing mentoring tradition;
  • Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning, faculty evaluation, and program review and improvement;
  • The promotion of faculty and staff development and active engagement in sponsored program activities; and
  • Technology support for all university functions and operations.

Contact Us!

Academic Affairs Administration
Grim Hall 204
Phone: 484-365-7437
Fax: 484-365-8108

Jackie McNeil
Senior Executive Assistant, Division of Academic Affairs
Grim Hall Room 202
Phone: 484-365-7435

Patricia A. Joseph, Ph.D
Provost; Dean, Office of the Dean of the Faculty; Professor, Psychology and Human Services
Grim Hall Room 205
Phone: 484-365-8152
Yoli Echevarria '15
Project Coordinator and Executive Assistant, Office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty
Division of Academic Affairs
Grim Hall Room 211
Phone: 484-365-7559