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Share your LU story: Video

Lincoln invites you to share your Lincoln story

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We want to hear about the impact of your Lincoln experience on your life, your community, and the world. Record a horizontal video up to 60 seconds in length sharing your Lincoln story from the comfort of your home or workspace!

Get inspired! 

How to Participate:

  1. Be a graduate, student, employee or friend of Lincoln University
  2. Find a well-lit, quiet space in your home, office, or outdoors.
  3. Record a horizontal video up to 60 seconds in length. Do not add or insert text on the screen. 
  4. Wear Lincoln apparel or colors. 
  5. Practice: Try out your positive video message several times to get it right!
  6. Double-check your background for tidiness. 
  7. Read the consent statement below.
  8. Email your video to please include your name, major, and graduation year in the email text.  By emailing your video, you agree to the consent statement below.

Consent Statement
I agree that I am solely responsible for this content and any consequences of submitting my video. I am aware that my video will be viewable online and participation in this project is at my own risk. By submitting my video, I grant permission to the Lincoln University to download, use, copy, edit and display/distribute my video in electronic, DVD, or other formats, including the use of portions of it in compilations, for the non-commercial purposes of promoting the "Your Lincoln Story" project and/or other non-commercial educational uses within Lincoln University.

Not Sure What to Say?

Consider responding to one of these prompts:

  • How did a Lincoln education empower you to lead your community and change the world? 
  • Share a memorable experience that epitomizes a rigorous liberal arts education featuring active and collaborative learning.
  • How did your academic and co-curricular programs integrate with the University's legacy of global engagement, social responsibility, and leadership development?
  • How did a Lincoln education cultivate your character, values, and standards of excellence?
  • What coursework or activities honed your essential skills like critical thinking, speaking, writing and problem-solving?
  • Give an example of how your Lincoln experience has helped you become a responsible citizen of a global community.

Please know that we are grateful for every submission, but we might not be able to use all submissions. Submit your video anytime and we will consider using it on social media or at future events. 

Questions? Email

Issues sending your video via email? 

  1. Ensure your video is under 60 seconds 
  2. After confirming your video is under 60 seconds, if your video still does not send via email try adding your video to Google, or DropBox and email us that link (*Please note these services require an account*) 
  3. If these steps do not work, please email us at for additional support.