Wondering how you will pay for college? We can help you find a way. At Lincoln University, we understand that education is an investment and students have always been our greatest investment. Lincoln is committed to helping a greater number of academically qualified students graduate than ever through our scholarship offerings. Scholarships are “non-repayable” aid and Lincoln offers several different types of scholarships to help defray the cost of attendance for freshmen, transfer, and international new students.


Types of Scholarships

General Scholarship Guidelines

  • Most scholarships are based on the applicant's academic or extracurricular record, while some are based on other criteria. Satisfying the initial criteria listed does not guarantee that a student will receive an award.
  • Applicants who submit a scholarship application will be considered based on available funding each year.
  • Lincoln-funded scholarships are never "refundable," and unused funds cannot be carried over to subsequent semesters.
  • Lincoln-funded merit scholarships align with the University’s strategic vision and encourage academic leadership and professional development. Students that receive merit scholarships are committed to academic excellence and participate in a variety of enrichment opportunities, which include community service.
  • To avoid missing out on possible scholarship opportunities, please become familiar with the information regarding the scholarships’ requirements, award amounts, and deadlines.
  • Students requesting scholarships must complete a scholarship application and must also submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the deadline listed for each scholarship. International applicants applying for the international scholarship are not required to submit a FAFSA.
  • Scholarship funds will be utilized after all other federal, state, private, and external resources have been applied to a student’s account.