English Liberal Arts (BA, minor)

Program Goals

The English Program is committed to providing quality education in two areas. The English Liberal Arts major leads to a BA degree that prepares students for further study in graduate or professional school. A special "Pre-Law Track" of the English Liberal Arts major is designed for students who plan on attending law school; it enables them to minor in an appropriate secondary field, such as history, philosophy, or political science. The English Education major leads to a BS degree that is designed to produce graduates who are certified to teach English in public and private secondary education.


  • Explain the historical development of Anglophone literature; in particular, the major phases of English, American, and African American literatures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze significant esthetic and ethical aspects of major works of literature produced by Anglophone writers: English, American, African American, African, and others and to apply a range of terms and concepts of literary analysis, literary theory, and methodology.
  • Describe the structure and history of the English language, and the phonological and morphological aspects of the language. Complete college-level writing assignments in the discipline which reflect the following competencies:
    • ‚Äč(a) effective use of standard academic English Mastery of the MLA conventions for presenting research;
    • (b) appropriate use and integration of relevant secondary sources on literary topics (using library and web-based resources;
  • Demonstrate the use of appropriate communication technologies for research purposes.
  • Make oral presentations, including an oral defense of a senior thesis to an audience of professors


Please see the University Catalog for more information and program requirements.


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