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History Degree (BS, BA, Minor)

History isn't just looking at and memorizing past events. It's about truly delving into and understanding those events—what inspired and caused them and drove the people involved—so that we can better understand who we are today and where we are going.

Lincoln University offers Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in History, as well as a minor. In our program, you'll learn about and come to truly understand the stories and events that have shaped our world and come to see those events from a variety of perspectives. As you work, you'll develop essential research, critical thinking, and communication skills that will be an asset in a wide range of jobs.

The History major program is part of the History, Pan Africana Studies, Philosophy, and Religion Department. Reach out to the department if you have specific questions, or learn more about the program, courses, and requirements in the current academic year University Catalog. You may also view program outcomes below.

Whether you want to be a historian yourself or a teacher or if you want to apply your learning to other fields like government, politics, or business, a history degree from Lincoln will prepare you to pursue and achieve your goals.

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Program Outcomes

Graduating with a major in history will help you develop the following skills and practices:

  • You will demonstrate knowledge of key people, events, and themes in African, European, African American, and American histories.
  • You will be able to critically analyze pivotal historical events in Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
  • You will know how to identify, distinguish, and properly use primary and secondary sources.
  • You will demonstrate knowledge of historical research techniques.
  • You will develop the skill to communicate effectively in written format.
  • You will be able to identify, compare and evaluate contrasting historiographies.

Courses and Requirements

Please see the current academic year University Catalog for more information on program requirements and detailed course descriptions.