Computer Science

It's nearly impossible to remember life without computers. They've been part of our daily lives for decades, and have completely transformed how we work, communicate, and even have fun. Computers continue to evolve as well, solving new problems and offering thrilling new possibilities.

That's why people who can understand the science of computers and can program them and understand their function are essential. People with a strong knowledge of computer science can build lucrative and rewarding careers in a wide range of in-demand positions and fields, including information technology, programming, hardware engineering, and much more.

Lincoln University's Department of Computer Science is dedicated to providing you with knowledge, expertise, and skill to excel in the computer science field, so you can take part in building the future. As an HBCU, we're particularly proud to help raise the level of participation in technical fields to under-represented groups, especially African Americans and women.

Our program offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees in Computer Science, as well as a Minor.

Your future working in and developing innovative and cutting edge technology awaits. Apply to Lincoln today, and join our Computer Science program.

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Student Learning Outcomes

After completing this program and earning your Computer Science degree, you will be able to:

  • Design, develop, debug, and test computer programs in programming languages such as C++, Java, Visual BASIC, and Assembly.
  • Solve problems, analyze algorithms, and apply the theories of computations to the areas of discrete mathematics, calculus, science, business, computer science, and other disciplines.
  • Read, analyze, organize, store, and use data by creating graphical user interface forms, database design and modeling, and by using appropriate data structures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of computer organization mostly from a software developer's point of view by analyzing CPU, Memory, I/O devices, and Instruction Set Architectures.
  • Read and write technically and communicate ideas in the discipline.
  • Demonstrate skills in utilizing commercial computer application software or demonstrate advanced mathematical skills.

Courses and Requirements

Please see the University Catalog for more information on program requirements and detailed course descriptions.

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