Honors Program Curricular Requirements

The following are HMB Honors Program curriculum requirements:

  • Freshman Year Experience section for Honors (for entering students with less than 24 college credits) — 3 credits
    • Transfer students may be exempt from this requirement.  Lincoln students who enter as sophomores should have completed this requirement during the first year of enrollment, unless waived by the program director.
  • Foreign Language (two years) — 16 credits
  • Research Methodology course (College specific) — 3 credits
  • Three Honors Seminars (3 credits each) — 9 credits
  • Capstone Seminar  — 3 credits (This is often the major department senior seminar)
  • Honors Thesis Presentation

During the spring semester of the junior year, HMB Honors Program participants select a program approved research mentor.  This faculty member, or approved professional, will guide the Honors Thesis project for the student.  The Honors Thesis will be presented to the campus in a formal colloquium during the student’s final semester of study.

HMB Honors Program participants participate in study abroad experiences and are to secure an internship prior to graduation.

Contact:Dean Patricia Joseph, Ph.D., Interim Director, (484-365-8152)