Researcher of the Month: November 2021

Meet the Researcher of the Month: November 2021

Diamond Hawthorne

Name :

Diamond Hawthorne Freshman '24


Psychology, Minor Criminal Justice

Recent research activities:

I created a research proposal in the 2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Bootcamp sponsored by The Center for Undergraduate Research. My research seeks to reveal the political and socio-economic factors that create the school to prison pipeline for school aged children.

Relevance of research:

This research is critical to understand biases demonstrated by school administrators, children, parents, school board members and communities. It is important to create policies that decrease the number of students who are profiled to enter the school to prison pipeline.

Plans for the future:

The next steps I would take would be to identify two school districts that have elevated school to prison pipeline ratios and review their current policies. School policies are public documents. Upon review, I would interview school board members and administrators to review policies that could inadvertently impact the school to prison pipeline.