Researcher of the Month: June 2021

Meet the Student Researcher of the Month: June 2021

Marjanii Walton


Marjanii Walton

Major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and minor in Bioinformatics

Recent Research Activities: 

Profiling Trace Element Contaminants of Toxicological Interest in Commercially Available Hemp Derived CBD Tincture Oils.

Relevence of research; broader implications/applications: 

CBD Products are readily available for consumers to purchase from local smoke shops and grocery stores. Hemp plants are known bioaccumulators with the ability to soak up metals in the soil, which leads to concerns over potential for metal contamination in products that contain hemp like CBD oils.

Plans for the Future: 

My plan for the future is to attend medical school and work as a women’s health physician as well as conduct women’s health research.