Researcher of the Month: February 2021

Meet the Student Researcher: Ayomide Ogunsakin

Ayomide Ogunsakin


Ayomide Ogunsakin, Senior. Majoring in Biochemistry and Biology

Recent Research Activities: 

On January 15, 2021, Ayomide co-Autored and published article: " Anti-Tumor Effects of Cetuximab in Comination with VTX-2337 are T Cell Depedent"

Relevence of research; broader implications/applications: 

Though head and neck cancer treatments have made progress, the mortality levels are still relatively high. I think this paper will help to impact upcoming combative treatments and increase its efficacy.

Plans for the Future: 

My future plans are to pursue a medical degree and specialty in anesthesiology. I will possibly be taking a leap year this year to work at a lab which is looking into mRNA vaccinations.