Researcher of the Month: December 2020

Meet the Student Researcher: Troy Wilson

 Troy Wilson
Year and major

Class of 2023, Mass Communications major.

Recent research activity

"Common Academic Patterns Among High-Achieving Students at an HBCU"

The relevance of research; broader implications/applications 

I am researching the common academic patterns and characteristics among high achieving students who graduated from an HBCU. Specifically, students who earned a 3.95 or higher within the last 12 years. I am researching this because I want to better understand the patterns of students who perform exceptionally well academically so that I can further assist the broader student body at Lincoln University.

Plans for the future 

I want to be an entrepreneur and make a significant impact on the world. In order to be successful, I think it is very important to best understand the patterns and practices of those who are high-achieving people, and how they obtain their success.