Researcher of the Month: April 2021

Tom Gluodenis

Tom Gluodenis, MFS, MBA, Ph.D.

Recent Research Activities:

Profiling Trace Element Contaminants of Toxicological Interest in Commercially Available CBD Tincture Oils

Relevence of research; broader implications/applications:

There is legitimate concern over the rise in chronic health issues related to heavy metals contamination in cannabidiol (CBD) infused products. This research promotes public health and safety by supporting regulatory agencies in establishing maximum contaminant levels in CBD oils.

Plans for the Future:

I am looking forward to building a robust undergraduate research program providing students with the opportunity to explore the application of chemistry to forensic science and toxicology.  That includes an expansion of the research into cannabinoids and new projects such as the forensic characterization of 3-D printed firearms.  My interests also include the study of metals, metal complexes, and metal-metal interactions in a variety of applications including environmental, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and clinical.