Researcher of the Month: January 2021

Meet the Student Researcher: Sharone Jones, Ed. D

Sharone Jones, Ed. D

Year and Major

Associate Vice President, Experiential Learning, Division of Student Success

Research Activity:

“Faculty Perspectives on Service-Learning and its impact on Faculty/Student Relationships”

The relevance of Research; Broader implications/applications

As part of my Doctorate of Education dissertation in educational leadership and administration, I researched what motivates faculty to teach, learn, and serve. and how faculty motivation to teach, learn, and serve impacts student learning and relationships related to civic and professional development.  The research resulted in a stronger student/institutional relationship, stronger student/faculty relationship, and the implementation and of real-world experiences with service-learning stakeholders.  Faculty and student service-learning partnerships enhanced interpersonal development, leadership, and communication skills that lead to personal efficacy and moral development.


My longer-term goals are to present the findings at a national conference and to eventually convert my research into a publishable manuscript. As the Assistant Vice President of Student Success, I intend to use my research experiences to enhance my continued efforts in supporting our Lincoln students to Learn, Liberate, and Lead.

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