Zoom in Canvas

The Zoom tool makes it easy for you and your students to access your Zoom meeting and your Zoom recordings. Using this tool there is no need to upload your Zoom class videos, you students can click on the recording by clicking on Zoom in their course navigation.

Review this video to learn how to set up your Zoom meetings in Canvas.

Enabling Zoom in your Course Navigation

  1. In your Course Navigation, scroll to the bottom and click Settings.
  2.  At the top of the page, click the Navigation tab
  3. At the bottom of this page, in the disabled items, you will see Zoom
    1. Enable Zoom in one of two ways:
    2. Drag it to the top to the enabled section
  4.  Click the more options (three dots to the right of the item--snowman) and click enable.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page

Setting up your Zoom Meetings

  1. In the course navigation, click Zoom
  2. In the top right corner, click Schedule a New Meeting
  3. Input your meeting details. Your topic/title will automatically populate with the title of your course. Add the time & date of your class. Set this as a recurring meeting. Click recurring weekly and click the days of your Zoom class meetings.
  4. Configure your meeting settings. It is recommended that you record your meetings in the cloud. Your students will then have access to the recordings through their Zoom tool.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Save.

Your meeting will now appear in your Upcoming Meetings list. It will be available to all users in the course to join at the predetermined date and time (please note: it is unfortunately not possible to set up specific Zoom meetings for specific sections through the Canvas LTI integration - all course Zoom meetings are available to all users).

Student Info:  When you set up a Zoom meeting through Canvas, students in the course will receive an email. Students do not need Zoom accounts to be able to join sessions.

Zoom Recordings

When you set up your Zoom class meetings in Canvas and choose to record your meetings, the class recordings will be available through the student's Zoom course navigation.

Tip: When recording your students, remember there are FERPA laws. For example, this recording cannot be shared with people or students who are not in your course.