Strategic Plan

Lincoln University has a proud history dating back to 1854. Even more important than that history, though, is our legacy. It's a legacy of scholarship, service, and excellence, defined by our commitment to providing an exceptional education to our students.

That legacy is also defined by our distinguished graduates, including the distinguished Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and the great poet and playwright Langston Hughes. Artists, politicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, and thousands more have lived and learned on our campus, and taken our legacy of excellence with them as they set out upon graduation and made an impact on the world.

Safeguarding that legacy and ensuring it carries on for a new generation of students is absolutely vital. And that means we need to do more than look to the past. We can't just rest on our accomplishments. We need to build on them and help Lincoln evolve while staying true to its founding principles, so it can empower today's and tomorrow's students to be their very best, just as we empowered generations of students in the past.

To keep that legacy alive, we need to look ahead. That's why we've built a strategic plan for the University that will help us to meet our goals and keep Lincoln thriving.

Discover more about that plan below. If you want to be part of our legacy and our future, the first step is to apply and become a student here.

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