Student Activities Assistants

Lincoln University Student Activities Assistants (SAAs) work directly with the Office of Student Life and Development  to assist in coordinating and implementing university programs and activities. They assist with the planning and implementing of activities and events such as:

  • New Student Orientation
  • Freshman Transition Week
  • Pump Handle  
  • Coronation 
  • African-American Heritage Series
  • Family and Friends Day
  • Mister and Miss Lincoln University Pageant

The SAAs work directly with the Director, Assistant Director, and Coordinators ensure that programs and activities are successful and enjoyable for the student body. SAAs attend rigorous training at the start of each academic year and attend various student leadership workshops and conferences on campus throughout the year, and serve as volunteers and ushers at various campus programs.

SAAs also assist with Homecoming and Spring Fling events, which are coordinated with the Student Government Association. All SAAs are trained in budget management, leadership development, event planning and much more, in order to assure maximum productivity at all events.