Types of Student Organizations

At the end of each spring semester, Organization Packets are distributed to individuals seeking to charter/re-charter an organization. Lincoln University currently has over 40 active student organizations, which are categorized as follows:
Academic & Professional Organizations designed for students interested in a particular career or academic field who want to establish networks and further develop their skills in that area.

  • Advocacy  - Nationally affiliated organizations that work towards increasing knowledge of social, cultural, political and/or economic issues.
  • Arts & Recreation Organizations that encourage participation in and promotion and support of the visual and performing arts, team sports, physical fitness, health and wellness, leisure and special interest activities.
  • Class Council An organization which acts as a liaison between the classes and the Student Government Association.
  • Cultural & International Organization with membership that is comprised mostly of international students whose purpose is to provide social activities, cultural awareness and/or other activities that support and enhance the international student experience.
  • Greek Letter & Social Fellowships Nationally recognized academic and service oriented groups that promote the ideals of friendship, community service, and the development of character.
  • Honorary Local and national honor societies that provide service and/or leadership opportunities and recognition for students with academic honors.
  • Programming & Special Interest Organizations with a purpose to enhance campus life and to provide support to students through a wide variety of programs and events.
  • Religious An organization that provides faith-based instruction and fellowship. It also provides spiritual and religious development and support.