Residence Halls

The places you will call home...

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Male Residential Communities

Female Residential Communities

  • Ashmun Hall  – Presently, freshman females occupy the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, while upper class females are housed on the lower level. 
  • Lincoln House- Lincoln House is a 12 bedroom house that is designated for upperclassmen ladies. The house is furnished with a kitchen, dining room, a lounge, and a sitting lounge. 
  • Lucy Laney Hall  – Lucy Laney Hall is a 136-bed upperclassmen and freshmen ladies residential community. The building has a conference room, lounge and classroom available for use. 
  • Lorraine Hansberry Hall – Lorraine Hansberry Hall houses freshmen females on its three levels. The building has a large lounge area for students to study or watch TV. 

Co-Ed Communities

  • Alumni House – Alumni House was a 17-bed upper-class residence hall with a full kitchen, laundry area and community bathrooms.
  • Apartment Style Living – Apartment Style Living, or ASL, is the newest residential community on Lincoln University’s campus. 
  • McCauley Hall – McCauley Hall is the transfer hall located in the center of campus next to the Student Union Building.
  • Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center – The Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center is a multi-purpose center designed to house over 370 students.
  • Rendall Hall – Rendall Hall’s is a co-ed housing community for upperclassmen. 

Historical Halls – Not Housing Current Students

  • Amos Hall – Amos Hall was a 16-bed upper-class male residential community with community bathrooms. Although Amos hall has undergone many changes over the years, the original arch at the front entrance has been looked on favorably to receive certification as a historic structure.
  • Cresson Hall – Cresson Hall is the 2nd oldest building on campus. It was a 54-bed upper-class female residence hall.
  • Houston Hall – Houston Hall was a three-story 44-bed upper-class male residence hall with community bathrooms.