For the Record: Faculty and Staff Accomplishments: Zeljkovic, Richards, Sotilleo

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LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, PA. – Three Lincoln University faculty members recently received professional honors and distinctions.

Zeljkovic Co-Authors new book

Vesna Zeljkovic, an electrical engineering professor,
has co-authored “Análisis Estadístico con Modelos Gaussianos Aplicado a Osteoporosis: Aplicaciones de Biomédica”, a book which in English translates to “Statistical Analysis with Gaussian Models Applied to Osteoporosis: Biomedical Applications.”

In her most recent publication Zeljkovic and her fellow co-authors propose a new method on how to treat bone images in order to detect osteoporosis. The methods described in the text are based on their in-depth statistical analysis of osteoporosis. Later in the book, readers are encouraged to use the statistical data provided to re-create the experiments conducted by Zeljkovic and her co-authors.

Zeljkovic’s book is written for those who are interested in biomedical engineering, computer science, electronics, and alternative methods for medical diagnosis.

In 2013, Zeljkovic published, “Video Surveillance Techniques and Technologies.  This book is intended for graduate students in the field of signal and image processing, and uses solutions and mathematical algorithms to solve motion detection and objection identification problems. 

Richards Collaborates with University of Delaware Professors for Hospitality Book

Oswald H. Richards, a professor in the Department of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies and director of the Master of Business Administration program at University City, recently collaborated with University of Delaware professors in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics on a chapter in “Hospitality Strategic Management 2020: The Future of Hospitality and Travel” a book designed for hospitality management students.   

The chapter, Global Trends in the Casino and Gaming Industry, gives hospitality and strategic management students an in-depth look at trends occurring in casinos throughout the world. 

“We want to make sure students fully understand these global trends as they enter the hospitality industry,” said Richards.

At the end of the chapter, Richards and his collaborators present a case study titled, “Atlantic City Casino and Economy Restructuring Strategy:  The Use of an Innovative Online Research Survey Tool to Collect Data.” Case studies like the one provided by Richards and his colleagues allow students to analyze hypothetical and real world situations to develop solutions and ideas on how to solve complex problems they may encounter in the workforce.

Lincoln Professor Elected to Delaware Library Advisory Board 

Sophia Sotilleo, an associate professor and access services librarian, has been elected unanimously to the New Castle County Library Advisory Board in New Castle, Delaware. The 13 member board is responsible for advising and making recommendations to the county library manager on administrative policies, budgeting, prospective properties, and long-range strategic plans.  

“The state of Delaware believes libraries are important. We believe libraries can help people in Delaware become vibrant and prosperous individuals, and it is an honor to serve as an elected member and to work with individuals such as the County Executive,” said Sotilleo.  “I am looking forward to the work that we will do ensure that libraries in Delaware remain a great resource.”

Sotilleo serves as a librarian at the Langton Hughes Memorial Library at Lincoln University.

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Compiled by Devin Bonner, Office of Communications and Public Relations