Local District Court Judge Swears In Lincoln University Public Safety Officers

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LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. – On October 2, in a courthouse packed with friends and family, 16 police officers were sworn into Lincoln University’s Department of Public Safety at the district court in Oxford. 

District Court Judge Scott Massey presided over the ceremony and administered the oaths to each officer in attendance starting with Ruth Evans as the director of Public Safety and Chief of Police James Connor, while the other officers were sworn in as police officers.

From left to right: Corporal Robert Basquill, Director Ruth Evans, Corporal Vernon Garner, Officer David Madonna , Officer Daniel Tucker, Officer Emiliano Santos, Officer Lennard Smith, Judge Scott Massey, Sergeant Kevin Myers, Officer Matthew DiEmedio, Sergeant David Quinn, Chief James Connor, Officer Stephen Mengini, Officer Asim John, and Officer Jeremiah Rusnov at the Oxford district court.

The officers took an oath to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the local laws of Oxford Township, Chester County.

“The purpose of the swearing in ceremony was for officers and their families to come together as group,” said Sergeant Kevin Myers.

While working on a case with Massey in September, Myers pitched the idea of having a swearing in ceremony for new and senior officers alike.

“There was a tremendous turn-out,” said Myers. “The courtroom was packed, as well as the waiting area.”

Going forward, Myers said he hopes to have swearing in ceremonies for new officers on a monthly basis.

Lincoln University police officers taking the oath of office. Those in white are command staff while police officers are dressed in blue.

Lincoln’s main campus is patrolled by armed, sworn police officers commissioned by the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education & Training Commission (MPOETC). The Department of Public Safety’s command staff (pictured in white shirts) consists of the director of Public Safety, chief of police, three sergeants, and three corporals. The command staff supervises 13 police officers and eight security officers (pictured in blue shirts). The department also features traditional and non-traditional police duties, crime prevention, fire safety, a K-9 unit and mountain bike patrol. One of the sergeants is also assigned as the investigator for the department.

It is the second largest police force in Chester County.

 Article by Devin Bonner, Office of Communications and Public Relations and Joelle Polk, student intern. Photos by Brittany Reisler.