Lincoln University update on leadership transition

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LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa - The Lincoln University Board of Trustees today issued an update regarding the leadership transition at Lincoln University.

The update was sent to the institution’s students, faculty, staff and alumni. Key points from the update are presented in the following in response to recent reporting:

  • Dr. Brenda A. Allen’s Employment Agreement with Lincoln University expired by its own terms on June 30, 2020.  Such expiration resulted in a vacancy in the Office of President. 
  • A Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on July 10, 2020, to address the vacancy and Dr. Allen’s recent request that she receive a new Employment Agreement with Lincoln University. 
  • Given the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the meeting was facilitated online via the Zoom video conferencing platform.  At the conclusion of the July 10th Special Meeting, the decision was made by the Board of Trustees to start the selection process for an Interim President.
  • The Registry for College and University Presidents, a consultative source for interim senior academic leadership, has been engaged to accelerate the selection process.
  • Priority will be placed on identifying leadership with executive experience in higher education, business, finance and entrepreneurship coupled with skills uniquely suited to execute an effective response to the current global pandemic.
  • Effective immediately, Board Vice Chair Dimitrius Hutcherson will now be temporarily working with the administration on any day-to-day issues where supervisory assistance is required until such time as an Interim President is selected by the Board of Trustees.  A follow up Special Meeting will be held by the Board of Trustees for this purpose on July 23, 2020.
  • As stated previously, the Board of Trustees acknowledges its appreciation of the leadership that Dr. Allen has provided to Lincoln University over her term and wishes her success in her future endeavors.
  • The Lincoln University Board of Trustees seeks consistently to act in the best interests of the University and all its employees. Our commitment to the latter typically requires us to maintain confidentiality regarding personnel matters. To respect the privacy of our faculty and staff, we cannot share any additional details in relation to Dr. Allen.  
  • Much has been written in the days following the July 10th meeting in regard to the lack of participation of several individuals appointed as Commonwealth Trustees separately by the House of Representatives and the Governor. 
  • With respect to these individuals, due to the cancellation of the Board’s regular meeting in April due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the Governor’s appointment occurring after the date for such Annual Meeting, all of these appointees will be properly seated by the Board in accordance with its standing procedures at its next Regular Meeting scheduled for September 19, 2020.   

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