Lincoln’s Center for Undergraduate Research accepts First Cohort of Lincoln Scholars

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LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. - As part of Lincoln’s ongoing commitment to providing multi-discipline undergraduate research opportunities for its student body, the Center for Undergraduate Research recently accepted its first cohort of forty Lincoln Scholars. The purpose of the scholars program is to prepare undergraduate students for advanced research and independent studies.

The Lincoln Scholars program allows students to gain research skills by assisting faculty members with their research.

“This program will serve as the undergraduate research cornerstone program for students in preparation for more advanced research,” said Vanessa McRae, director for Undergraduate Research.

The first cohort of Lincoln Scholars in the Center for Undergraduate Research

In addition to conducting research with faculty members, students in the program attend academic workshops throughout the year to enhance their scholarly research capabilities.

“Lincoln University’s Center for Undergraduate Research envisions its program as one that will promote an innovative approach to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary undergraduate research through the scholarship of discovery, creative inquiry, and the scholarship of practical application,” stated McRae.

Students wishing to apply to the program must complete a 150-word essay, commit to attending research skills workshops throughout the semester, agree to identify a faculty member to serve as their mentor, and submit a written research proposal describing their intended research.

Once accepted, students receive a stipend each semester and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program. The competitive application process is open to students of all disciplines at the beginning of the academic year.

Students who are interested in learning more about the Lincoln Scholars program can visit the Center for Undergraduate Research in Wright Hall Rm 118.

Article by Devin Bonner, Office of Communications and Public Relations