Lagos Legislators Visit Lincoln University

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Lincoln University, Pa - Legislators from Lagos, Nigeria, visited Lincoln University on August 23 to discuss a potential partnership with the historic Pennsylvania institution. 

Legislators from Lagos State Assembly visited Lincoln University August 23 to meet with the University President to discuss a partnership with the historic university.
Seated (left to right) Mrs. Adejoke Odeyemi; Chief O.L. Mogaji; Hon. Famakinwa Adedayo; Lincoln University Interim President Richard Green; Princess Adejuke Adegeye; Hon. Prince Bayo Balogun; Comm. Barrister Odesanya.Standing (left to right) Dr. Collins Awosika; Lincoln University Professor Dr. Emmanuel Babatunde; Dr. Tawak; Mrs. Malik; Mr. Ajayi; Mrs. Shenkoya; Mr. Pinhero; and Mrs. Ogunlana.

The group, representing the Lagos State Assembly, met with Lincoln University interim president Dr. Richard Green to discuss three partnership opportunities. The first was a month-long summer residency training program to educate the Lagos legislature on due process within U.S. legislative affairs. Lincoln professors would conduct the program including a visit to and interaction with the State legislature in Harrisburg and to Washington, D.C. Another partnership discussed was an agreement with Lincoln University and the Lagos State government to sponsor students to attend Lincoln University with the conferral of a bachelor’s degree at the undergraduate level. They also discussed an agreement for Lagos students to enroll in online courses to complete their undergraduate degrees.

While these exploratory opportunities are new, Lincoln University has had a long relationship with Nigeria and its educational institutions, which dates back to the early 20th century. Nnamdi Azikiwe ’33, Nigeria’s first president, is one of Lincoln’s most notable alumni. Lincoln currently enrolls 52 Nigerian students.

Dr. Collins Awosika, who represented the Lagos legislators in the United States, will continue the conversation with Lincoln University on the partnership. 

Photo and article by Maureen O. Stokes