Alumni Chapter Donates Professional Clothing to Support Students

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LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa. —The student organization Suited for Success received a donation of professional clothing on March 21 from the New York Metro Area Chapter of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University.

The clothing, more than 250 suits and garments in all, will support seniors and students pursuing internships. The drive took place in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens from March 9-17.

The New York Metro Area Chapter is led by Steven A. Board ’81, chapter president. He said he hopes this model will serve as a blue print for other alumni chapters to support our young scholars. 

Members of Suited for Success receive donations from the New York Metro Area Chapter on March 21, 2017, in front of University Hall. Pictured are Lance Felder, campus organization advisor Ralph Simpson, Sheritta Felton of the New York Metro Area Chapter, and student cofounders of Suited for Success Jabir McKnight and Anthony Parker.

 “I am so proud to be the president of our NYC Metro Chapter,” Board said. “Our inaugural suit drive far exceeded our expectations. In the spirit of our beloved Alma Mater, Lincoln University, and to paraphrase Churchill, - ‘In this human endeavor, so few have done so much for so many.’”

Board said several members of the chapter deserved credit for their “hard work and dedication” including Sheritta “Gridiron Mom” Felton, who drove to campus to deliver the clothing items, Bilal Hassan, Pam Taylor Hurst, Makeba Junior, Monique McKenzie, Lex Smith, Frank Taylor, and Virginia Tomlinson.

Jabir McKnight, a sophomore political science and English major from Philadelphia, and Anthony Parker, a sophomore mass communication from Wilmington, Delaware, cofounded Suited for Success.

“We started Suited for Success in an effort to recapture the sophistication of our past, and shift the culture of our great institution,” said McKnight. “Our vision is to ensure that every student who enters Lincoln University has access to quality business attire and professional development training that will empower the students of Lincoln to be able to succeed in a highly competitive, professional world. “

Ralph Simpson, director of Career Services and campus advisor for Suited for Success, worked with the chapter to pick up the donations and provided the items to student organization, Suited for Success.

“The saying ‘first impressions are lasting impressions’ is true,” said Simpson. “When our students go out to interview or work, we know our students’ skills and abilities make them qualified for top internships and jobs, but we want to make sure they also look their best.”

Professional suits and garments may continue to be donated to Suited for Success; contact the organization at

To become involved in the New York Metro Area Chapter of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University contact Steven Board at or 917-207-9930. The next meeting is from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on May 3 at the Harlem State Office Building, 163 West 125th Street, Room 805.  

Article and photos by Shelley Mix, Office of Communications & Public Relations.