Lincoln Student Continues a Generational Legacy at 15

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Jalaal HayesLINCOLN UNIVERSITY, PA – Lincoln has a legacy of producing leaders, a tradition of excellence and a reputation for strong alumni support. All this holds true in the story of the Hayes family who, for two generations, has enrolled in the nation’s premier Historically Black University. The tradition started in the late 80s when Tracey Hunter Hayes ’87 and wife, Trustee Kathleen Hayes ’89 graduated and vowed to support their beloved alma mater. Now their second oldest, Jalaal Hayes is completing that legacy at the age of 15.
Jalaal, which means royalty, is a 15 year old freshmen studying Chemistry and living in Fredrick Douglass Hall at the University. “I’ve always wanted to go to Lincoln since I was five,” said Hayes.  “I knew this was an institution that could help me get further through life as a black male.” 
“My wife, Trustee Kathleen J. Butler Hayes and I helped our first son, Tracey (class of 2005) decide upon Lincoln University,” says father, Tracey Hunter Hayes. “However, our second son, Jalaal made his own decision after meeting various professors, alumni and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Calvin Morris ‘63 and President Ivory V. Nelson. Jalaal, at age five, had been announcing his desire and commitment to attend his parents’ alma mater.” 
In order for Jalaal to attend college at such a fast pace, he and his parents mapped out a plan that allowed him to graduate high school in two years. “I wasn’t challenged enough in high school,” said Hayes. For his freshmen year in high school, Hayes did year-round schooling. By the time his second year came into swing, Jalaal was three credits ahead of his class. Staying on schedule, Jalaal enrolled in night school and received his high school diploma in the summer from the Northeast Preparatory School in Northeast Philadelphia.
Two years later, Jalaal is a freshmen again and getting acclimated to a new environment. “I’m still adjusting,” says Hayes. “I find that it is real fun, but I like to stick to my books. I can’t miss the ultimate goal of me coming here.” Jalaal has plans of emulating his older brother Tracey by graduating with honors. Tracey graduated with a degree in Health and Physical Education and is currently pursuing a career in sports management. 
Besides being involved in his studies, Jalaal started his own company J*A*H Enterprise whose brand is “people helping each other through academics.” When he is not tutoring, Jalaal is perfecting his pitch on the saxophone or writing fiction.
His father says, “To some, Jalaal’s attendance at Lincoln University is to continue and advance the Lincoln Legacy, but he has expressed [to me] that attending Lincoln University is his destiny!” Jalaal has been maintaining his grades and looks forward to being in the Honors Convocation in the spring.

Founded in 1854, Lincoln University, located in Chester County, PA, is a premier, historically Black University that combines the best elements of a liberal arts and sciences-based undergraduate core curriculum and selected graduate programs to meet the needs of those living in a highly technological and global society. The University is nationally recognized as a major producer of African Americans with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences (chemistry and physics); computer and informational sciences; biological and life sciences. Lincoln has an enrollment of 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students.