Counseling Services Mission

As the provider of counseling services, the staff is guided by the highest professional and ethical standards of their profession and are dedicated to providing outstanding services to enhance personal, professional and educational development. Counseling Services support the University’s mission of providing a quality education by addressing the psychological, behavioral and emotional needs of the student through individual and group counseling, crisis management, consultation and assessment services.

Our vision is to be recognized for excellence in providing superior counseling services. We aspire to support and prepare students to function at their highest potential as they navigate through challenges in a highly technological and global society.

Rachel Manson Director, Women's Center 484-365-7807
  • Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center (LLC) C212

Medication Policy

Counseling Services does not prescribe or monitor psychotropic or any other medications. At a student’s request, counselors will make a referral to Health Services or a community physician for medication evaluation.