Academic Technology Support Mission

In order to support and develop the use of educational media and technology, the mission of Academic Technology Support (ATS) is to assist integration of developments in educational technology into the teaching and learning units of the University in cost-effective and pedagogically sound manner.

In this effort, ATS works collaboratively with faculty, students and academic support units to provide services that:

  • facilitate learning, teaching and scholarship,
  • provide opportunities for faculty to explore new technologies in teaching and learning,
  • support faculty in assessing the effectiveness of these efforts, and
  • foster collaboration and connection in technology planning for University projects and initiatives.

Our purpose is to encourage, invigorate, guide, and collaborate with students, faculty and staff by developing, supporting and transforming the education process. 

The goals of ATS are to:

  1. Increase faculty awareness of instructional technologies and how to use them using more customized, just-in-time information.
  2. Serve as a trusted source of information about academic technology use at Lincoln and faculty instructional technology needs, and advocate for meeting those needs in the university's technology infrastructure.
  3. Provide opportunities for faculty to explore new technologies in their teaching and support them in assessing the effectiveness of their efforts.
  4. Foster an atmosphere of collaboration with administrators, faculty and students in planning and implementing technology projects and initiatives.