The Lion’s Pride Grounds Crew:

Pride:  To take pleasure in, to have joy, delight, gratification, fulfillment, satisfaction in a sense of achievement.

Pride: A group of Lions forming a social unit that fiercely protects its territory and serves the “family.”

Message from the Grounds Crew Supervisor:

My name is Woody Carter and I am the grounds supervisor here at Lincoln University through Aramark. I want to introduce to you our Grounds Crew aptly named, THE LIONS PRIDE because we are not unlike the Lion, as we are a close social unit that fiercely cares for the campus grounds through the beautification of the lawns and planting beds, picking up trash and litter relentlessly, caring for staff and students by helping with moves, event set ups and occasional snow rescues and flat tire service.

Grounds Crew Team: Woody Carter, Supervisor, Jim Orcott, Jeff Davis, Don Tilli, Bob Stewart and Tarcsicius Delgado

I am sure that everyone is beginning to see significant changes across campus since Aramark has become Lincoln’s service provider in January 2016. Professional services are being implemented throughout campus with planting bed preparations and mulching. During the spring, we implement a complete fertilization and weed control program, which makes the grass look beautiful, rich and green.

As May and graduation approaches, the campus will be in full bloom and color with the addition of our annuals being planted throughout the campus and we plan for each building to have a custom planted planter box outside each entrance to enjoy.

To bring this all together we will be emphasizing the blue and orange school colors throughout our campus plantings to magnify school PRIDE. We are the LIONS and it is our mission as the Aramark Grounds Crew to instill a sense of PRIDE and campus ownership in every student and staff member.

It is our hope that our family of Lions will continue to grow, protect and serve its territory, take ownership of the campus, and help us keep it clean and beautiful. Should you come across one of us in your travels stop and say hello; we don’t bite!