Lynn E. Roberts

Dr. Lynn E. Roberts
Lynn E.  Roberts

Professor, Department of Chemistry & Physics

Office Address:
  • Ivory V. Nelson Science Center 324

Theoretical Physicist
Ph.D., Adelphi University

Specialization: Elementary Particle Theory
Phenomenology, relativistic heavy ion collisions, lattice gauge theory, compositeness, general relativity & string theory, phase transitions in heavy ion collisions.


He matriculated at S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook receiving the B.S. (Physics & Mathematics) 1972; from which he enrolled at Adelphi University in 1974, receiving the Ph.D. in High Energy Physics on 12/24/80 for work done at Adelphi University and Brookhaven National Laboratory his thesis advisors being John P. Dooher (Adelphi University); L.C.L. Yuan and G.F. Dell (both of Brookhaven National Laboratory). After having completed his formal education he became postdoctoral research associate and member of the scientific staff at Brookhaven National Laboratory and in 1985 he became an associate professor of Physics at Lincoln University (Pa.), subsequently being promoted to full professor in 1991.

Phenomenology; Lattice Gauge Theory; Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions; Cosmology; Dirac Magnetic Monopole pair Production and Magnetic Monopole search experiments; Hooft-Polyakov Magnetic Monopole pair production in the early universe, Mathematical Physics and pure mathematics; Proof of Riemann’s Hypothesis; Super symmetry, Supergravity and Superstrings; Phase Transitions in Ultra-Relati-Vistic Heavy Ion Collisions; General Relativity and other topics.


  • 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 – Teacher of the year award; School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • 2000 – present ‘ Lexington’s Who’s Who"
  • 1998 – present “Who’s Who in America" 
  • 1997 – present “Who’s Who in the East"
  • 1996 – present “Who’s Who in Science & Engineering"
  • 1995 – present  “Who’s Who in the World”
  • 1994 – present “Who’s Who in American Education”
  • 1988 – Featured in “Models of Excellence’ National Science Foundation
  • 1986 & 1987 – Visiting Research Scientist: Argonne National Laboratory


  • Proved that for – Symmetric systems with generalized action the phase structure splits in the Region < o, ≥ 0 to give the intermediate Coulomb phase demonstrated by the Monte-Carlo Simulations, however not successfully proven theoretically before this work; See L.E. Roberts, "Perturbative Corrections to the Migdal-Kadanoff Recursion Relations for  – Theory", Nuclear Physics B 230 (FS10) p 385 (1984). DOI: 10.1016/0550-3213(84)90219-0.

  • Proved Riemann’s Hypothesis; See L.E. Roberts,” Linearization Operators, The Dirac Equation and Riemann’s Hypothesis“, vol 1, no 1.

Educator was born on August 10, 1948, at Morrisania Hospital in the Bronx, New York to Lynn E. Roberts and Dorothy Elizabeth Roberts (Johnson). He married Brenda Joyce James in August, 1985 their Issue being Timothy, Natasha, Lynn III, Brendan Paul, Eva Ashleigh and Monique P.