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Oswald H. Richards, MS, MBA, Ph.D.

Oswald H. Richards, MS, MBA, Ph.D.

Professor, Human Resources, School of Adult & Continuing Education - Graduate Programs

Dr. Richards administers Business, Liberal Arts, and Science and Technology programs on Lincoln’s main campus in Oxford, Pennsylvania, and academic programs in Business, Criminal Justice, Education, and Human Services in the School of Adult and Continuing Education at Lincoln’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania site. Prior to this assignment, Dr. Richards was Chairperson of the Business department and Director of the MBA program where he taught courses in Finance, Strategic and General Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Research, Senior Seminar, and Capstone/Graduate Research Project. Dr. Richards served as the Associate Dean of Faculty from 2019 to 2021.

Before his transition to higher education, Dr. Richards taught at the kindergarten, middle school, high school, and corporate executive levels.

Dr. Richards worked as an executive in the banking and brokerage industries at PNC Bank, Bank of America, Riggs National Bank, Bank of Delaware, Equitable Trust Company, and Legg Mason Wood Walker. He was a Fulbright Scholar/Specialist and Visiting Professor of Business at Polytechnic of Namibia (Namibia). Dr. Richards also led study abroad students to American College Dublin (Ireland), Namibia University of Science and Technology (Namibia), Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa), and University of Burgos and Escuela de Espanol (Spain) where he also served as Visiting Professor of Business. Furthermore, Dr. Richards sought to establish academic relationships in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Dr. Richards was a post-doctoral student and scholar-in-residence at New York University/Faculty Resource Network, received faculty training at Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the New York Stock Exchange/Euronext. He participated in FDIB (Faculty Development in International Business) initiatives under the auspices of several American CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research) Universities (Temple University, University of Connecticut) in Argentina, Australia (University of Queensland), Brazil, Chile, India (Management Development Institute), University of Memphis, and Georgia State University. Dr. Richards, as a NationsBank (now Bank of America)/Keystone Consulting employee was a financial services management consultant to several United States government agencies, including the Federal Reserve System, General Accountability Office, Office of Personnel Management, Commodities Futures Trading Association, Federal Trading Commission, National Science Foundation, Legal Services Corporation, National Credit Union Association, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and others.

Dr. Richards completed BS, MS, MBA, and a Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) degrees and a Graduate Diploma in Trust Banking and Operations from The School for Bank Administration at the University of Wisconsin/Madison. Dr. Richards also has a background in information systems technologies and computer programming, with knowledge of several programming languages. He received advanced training in business software systems (SAP) at University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, Louisiana State University, Chico State University, and SAP Institute. In addition, Dr. Richards received training in IBM Academic Initiative program (IBM hardware and software technologies, course materials, etc.) at Fairmont State University and Marist College.