Visual and Performing Arts Department

There's no denying it. Your drive to create and perform can't be ignored. Whether your medium is a visual art like painting or sculpture or design or a performing art like music or acting, being an artist is an essential part of who you are.

In Lincoln University's Visual and Performing Arts Department, you will be encouraged and empowered to grow and develop as an artist. Not only will your skill and technique in your chosen field be taken to the next level, you'll also make important connections and learn how your passion can be applied to a real and lasting career.

Based out of the Ware Center for Fine Arts (which is outfitted with numerous top-of-the-line studio and creative spaces), the Visual and Performing Arts Department offers three key programs. You can pursue a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts degree or minor in Visual Arts. If you're musically oriented, you can work towards your BA degree or minor in Music. And we also offer a minor program in Museum Studies.

Learn more about our programs and the classes we offer in our course catalog.

Musicians and performers can also try out for our numerous university bands and ensembles, or take to the stage in our Opera and Musical Theater Workshop, which is open to all Lincoln students.

All of our arts courses are taught by our talented, passionate, and creative faculty, who will work with you to help you discover and hone your talent and can guide you on putting that talent to work. When you graduate with your art or music degree from Lincoln, you'll be ready to share your passion with the world.

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Visual and Performing Arts Department
Phone: 464-365-5209
Ware Fine Arts Center

Christina Kerns, MFA
Chair and Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts Department
Phone: 484-365-7538
Ware Fine Arts Center Room 132

Kainoa Horton
Department Assistant, Visual and Performing Arts Department
Phone: 484-365-5209
Ware Fine Arts Center Room 137