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2019 Call for Articles

The Lincoln Humanities Journal is requesting submissions for its 7th special issue, to be published in December 2019, on the topic of Ab/uses of Power and Violence: Villains, Bullies and Tyrants. Contributors are invited to examine critically (a) the making of the villain, the bully and the tyrant: myths and realities; (b) the various incarnations of the villain in art, literature, history, film, folktale, television, political life, international relations, and the media; (c) the mis/use of power, from bullying, harassment, sexual assault, to random violence and unprovoked wars; (d) the diversity of interpretations and perspectives: from heroes to villains, and vice versa; (e) the collective fascination with the figure of the ‘bad guy’; (f) the evil political power against the rule of law and justice.