+ Coronavirus FAQs

Will I get a refund for room charges? For meal plan charges?

As announced in the April 9 email to students, the University is crediting part of the meal plan and room charges back to the accounts of students as follows: 

  • Students who vacated the main campus by March 15 are receiving a 36.4% credit on spring charges for room and board.
  • Students who vacated Thorn Flats by March 22 are receiving a 30% credit on spring charges for room and board.
  • Students who left after the above dates are receiving a 12.7% credit based on all students having vacated by April 10.

Applying the credit back to student accounts reduces any existing balances. In cases where the credit clears an existing balance and leaves a surplus, a refund check or direct deposit in that amount will be issued, except for students on full-scholarship.
The credits have been posted to students’ accounts as of April 28. Refunds will be processed by May 6.

Will I get a refund for tuition? 

No, classes are not canceled for the semester. Classes resumed on Monday, March 23, in a remote format. 

I would like to make a payment on my past due balance online. Are there ways that I can make a payment that doesn't involve visiting the Bursar’s Office?

Due to the pandemic, Bursar's Office representatives are working remotely and may be contacted at bursaroff@lincoln.edu. Active students may make online payments by logging into WebAdvisor and clicking "view account/make payment." 

The Bursar’s Office is responsible for the billing of student accounts and the collection of tuition, fees, and miscellaneous account receivables. We strive to offer efficient processes that will benefit both the students and parents. We are working constantly on providing exceptional services and instructing students on the importance of familiarizing themselves with the University’s policies. Our office is open during the hours listed below for any questions or concerns.

+ What is Financial Clearance?

What it means

Financial Clearance is each student’s demonstration of the intent to pay all tuition, fees, room, meal, and related charges for a given semester.  Financial clearance can mean different things for different students.  For some, it may mean creating a payment plan. For others, it may mean completing the FAFSA, and/or submitting proof that a third-party such as the VA, vocational rehabilitation, an employer, 529 plan or other third-party payer is paying all or a portion of their semester charges. 

What it does not mean

Financial Clearance does not mean that students have to pay in full by the payment due date in order to be cleared to attend classes and/or reside on campus.  It simply means that each student should take the required steps necessary to either pay their charges in full or make arrangements to cover their total LU charges for the given semester.

Student Financial responsibility Statement

Beginning with fall 2020, all students will be required to electronically sign a Student Financial Responsibility Statement as a step in the Financial Clearance process.

Are Financial Aid & Financial Clearance the same?

No, Financial aid and financial clearance are NOT the same. For students who are planning to use financial aid to help cover expenses, financial clearance happens AFTER the financial aid package is completed. This will include submitting all required paperwork; accepting or declining loans; completing entrance counseling; and signing the Master Promissory Notes.

Students should complete their financial aid requirements at least two weeks before they need to be financially cleared.

Students who have not completed a FAFSA should visit www.studentaid.gov.

Questions regarding Financial Clearance should be directed to the Bursar’s Office.

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Information for Military Veterans

Lincoln University is a military-friendly institution, participating in the Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program. Military Veterans should enroll for anticipated benefits via the Veterans Online Application (VONAPP). Information regarding eligibility may be found on the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs website

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