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Student Welcome and Introduction to Moodle

Technical Requirements

To interact with Lincoln Online must have access to a desktop or laptop computer (PC or Mac) with a stable Internet connection.

1.  Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 which is available free for all Lincoln University students, faculty and staff:  Office 365
  • If you use another word processing program or Google Docs, you must save your documents as Rich Text Format (.RTF, convert to pdf, or to Microsoft software.
  • Adobe Reader - Free Download 
  • Flash Player - Free Download 
  • Java - Free Download

2.  Internet Access

The University provides Internet access through its dorms, labs, and offices. When off campus, users must provide their own internet access. Ideally, this access would enable broadband connectivity, such as DSL or FiOS.

3.  User Technical Skills

To successfully use an online course, you need some basic computer skills. For example, you should be able to:

  • Create, save, open and close documents
  • Copy and paste text
  • Add attachments to emails or discussion board posts
  • Download attachments from emails or discussion board posts
  • Navigate to designated web pages