What to Expect - Spring 2021

COVID-19 Information Center

What should I expect living on campus during a pandemic?

Creating the "Den"

Creating the “Den” is the first step to providing a safe and protected environment for the Lincoln University family – students, faculty, staff – as well as visitors who may have to enter our “Den.” Our goal is to create a campus where everyone can be assured that we are all committed to doing everything we can to ensure as much as possible that the safety of our “Den” is not compromised. As a general rule, all those entering the campus will be required to abide by basic COVID risk mitigation such as wearing face coverings, social distancing, and washing of hands.

In addition, important specific protocols governing campus residency have been established for move-in and throughout the spring semester.


The following important protocols will be in place for the first month of your on-campus residency to ensure that outside influences are not permitted to infiltrate the “Den.” This will allow the University community to maintain the integrity of and confidence in our negative status.

  • The campus will be in a non-movement phase (no off-campus travel) until April 1, 2021.
  • Grocery and off-campus food deliveries will be available during the non-movement phase
  • Please do not schedule any medical appointments during this period

Move-in and the first few days

Protocols for move-in and the first few days of on-campus residency will help to control the number of people on campus and allow us to better adhere to social distancing mandates in place during move-in. In addition, initial quarantine protocols have been established so that University staff can uncover unknown cases of COVID and prevent the transmission of the virus throughout the campus population.

  • Students are permitted to bring only two persons to campus to assist with move-in for contact tracing purposes. Only these two persons will be allowed to enter residence halls. Guest wristbands, which must be worn by their assistants, will be provided to each student.
  • Students will be tested before receiving access to their temporary or permanent housing assignment and will be added to LU’s contact tracing app “Stay Safe LU” to report health status, potential COVID symptoms, and temperature daily
  • Students will then begin their post-testing individual quarantine until results are returned in approximately 48 hrs.
  • During this period, students must remain in their rooms unless utilizing restroom facilities.
  • All meals will be delivered to students.
  • Students with a negative test result will be given a sticker for their ID and a wristband designating their initial negative test result
  • Those with negative results will then either report to their permanent housing assignment or prepare to receive their assigned roommate
  • Students are to take the first days out of quarantine to discuss safe space protocols, social responsibility accountability, the social responsibility contract, and the webinar
  • When at all possible students should maintain social distancing while inside of residence halls and when inside of individual rooms
  • There is to be no in-room visitation but instead, find spaces that offer good ventilation
  • Face coverings are required at all times while in public

Maintaining the "Den" Protocols

Maintaining the “Den” protocols will be in place because we must be able to control movement in and out of the “Den” to reduce as much as possible, the entry of the virus from outside influences. Random testing will also help to identify unknown cases of the virus and subsequently help to mitigate its possible spread throughout our population.

  • Students will continue to use the Stay Safe LU app to report health status, potential COVID symptoms, and temperature daily.
  • After we have stabilized the “Den” off-campus movement will be allowed in 2 hr. per day increments
  • Off-campus trips are capped at 2 hours. Anyone in violation will not be allowed back onto campus until 8 a.m. the next day and may face quarantine and judicial proceedings
  • A Lion’s Campus Pass will be generated by the Stay Safe LU app to validate your completion of the daily check-in, each day. This pass must be shown through the app to the Officer on duty at the main gate to be allowed entrance into the campus community. 
  • Randomized testing will be in place for the general population with a sampling of each residence hall to serve as an investigatory snapshot of community status
  • More rigorous testing protocols will be in place for special populations
  • In-room visitation is prohibited but common area visitation by those in the same residence hall is allowed in keeping with social distancing and face-covering protocols

Protecting the “Den” is the responsibility of all of us. Your presence on campus demands that each of you embrace your role in ensuring that the efforts of your classmates and the administration are not compromised. It takes all of us.

  • No unauthorized individuals will be allowed on campus. This will help keep persons with an unknown COVID status from endangering campus positivity rates.
  • The curfew will be 11 p.m.
  • Gatherings on campus can occur in keeping with state guidelines and basic COVID risk mitigation

Any infraction to these standards will result in judicial ramifications and possible re-quarantine.