Alumni Awards Nomination Form

The Office of Alumni Relations gives five awards each year to Lincoln University alumni.  These will constitute the highest honors conferred to Alumni during Alumni Reunion Weekend.

These awards recognize outstanding alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to serving his or her community and Lincoln University.  Nominees for awards will be chosen by a committee of faculty, staff, and students.

Award Categories

  • Alumni Medal of Distinction
  • Alumni Service Award
  • Outstanding Young Alumni Award
  • Professional Achievement Award
  • Public Service Award

INSTRUCTIONS:  To nominate yourself or fellow alumni, complete the information below.  Be sure to select the appropriate award category for consideration.



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Share the accomplishments of the nominee.

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Select the award category and answer the questions pertaining to the award. Provide at two letters of support from fellow alumni as part of your nomination.

The Alumni Medal of Distinction recognizes achievement of an exceptional nature in any field, vocational or voluntary, covering an entire career. The medal will not be given in recognition of a single remarkable achievement but will be reserved for those alumni who have attained and maintained extremely high stations in their chosen fields of endeavor and in their service to society. Because the value of the award is largely defined by its recipients, it will be given sparingly. The award is given to no more than one person each year and need not be awarded on an annual basis.

  • Has this candidate had a national/international impact on the profession and/or community in which he/she has been active?
  • In what ways have the candidate's achievements been truly extraordinary?
  • What has been the scope of the candidate’s influence? Is it Local, national, and/or international?
Enter answers to the questions above.

The Alumni Service Award will be awarded for extended, extraordinary service to the University. It is given to no more than one person annually and need not be awarded each year.

  • In what ways has the candidate served the University and its alumni?
  • Has this service spanned decades?
  • In what ways has this service been truly extraordinary?
  • How has this service benefited the institution?
  • Is there breadth and/or depth to the candidate's involvement in volunteer service?
Enter answers to the questions above.

The Outstanding Young Alumni Awards acknowledge and encourage service to the University by alumni aged 38 and younger. The awards recognize outstanding achievements in promoting the University through volunteer support of the activities at the University, alumni chapters/clubs, career networking programs, class reunions, fundraising, and student recruitment.

  • Did the candidate achieve an exceptional level of service while balancing the demands of being a recent graduate?
  • Was the candidate proactive in his/her efforts to become involved in alumni activities?
  • Has this service been sustained over an extended period of time?
  • If not, has the service been strikingly innovative or substantially beneficial?
Enter answers to the questions above.

The Professional Achievement Awards recognize outstanding achievement in any professional field. The awards honor those alumni whose achievements in their vocational fields have brought distinction to themselves, credit to the University, and real benefit to their communities.

  • What are the unique professional achievements that brought distinction to the candidate and to Lincoln University?
  • What are the recognized contributions made by this candidate that demonstrated a benefit to the larger community? 
Enter answers to the questions above.

The Public Service Awards honor individuals who have fulfilled the obligations of their education through creative leadership in service that has benefited society and reflected credit on the University.

  • How has the candidate contributed to building a better society?
  • Has the candidate expanded the ideas of what is possible and what can be done?
  • Has the candidate engaged and empowered others, providing organization as well as service?
Enter answers to the questions above.