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To:                  LU Department Chairs
From:              Assistant Director of the Writing Proficiency Program
Date:               October 14, 2012
Subject:         Informational Meeting with Students

Points to cover for the informational meeting for department chairs with their juniors and seniors:

I- To complete the WPP requirements, students should:

  1. Successfully complete English 101’s Blue Book Assessment.
  • Take four writing-intensive courses designated or approved by the student’s department.
  • Have a portfolio of their writing that is certified by their Department Chair before graduation.

To facilitate program completion:

    • Chairs should direct students to check the Writing Intensive courses they have taken thus far to confirm that they have met or will meet this requirement before graduation. The list of all WI courses by major is available at
    • Chairs should provide students with an overview of their department’s portfolio components to ensure there is clarity about the department’s expectations. Please direct students to check the Portfolio Requirements by Department, which is available at Please email me any changes or adjustments you would like to make to the posted requirements, and we will update the information ASAP.
    • Chairs should inform students that their completed portfolio is due on Nov 1. Chairs should notify students and the WPP Director of the portfolio results (successful/unsuccessful) by November 16th.
    • Chairs should assign a contact person for students to reach if they have questions about the department’s portfolio requirements or their portfolio submission.
    • Chairs should notify students of the tutoring services available on campus for the November 1st portfolio submission. These include the LRC and Smart Thinking. Portfolio revision workshops will also be held in the Writer’s Studio and will be advertised by email and flyers.

II- These are important dates for the WPP Annual Calendar:

  • Departments review portfolios: Nov. 2—15
  • Departments report portfolio results to students and the WPP faculty: Nov. 16th

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Dr. Gamie at or call 7525.


Harbrace Writer's Guide

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