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With emphasis on performance, literature and materials of music studies, and pedagogical studies, the music curriculum is designed to prepare students to be music performers and performer teachers. But it is not restricted to these two areas. It provides music students an opportunity to independently explore other directions within the broad music field (music composition, music practices using technology, music business, research, and non-classical forms of music, among them), and to concentrate more fully on those areas that interest them as a component of performance and music education.

The broad view is that the music curriculum prepares students for professional careers and for further study in music. Within a strong core of liberal arts courses, the music curriculum offers a program in music performance on a solo instrument or voice to a highly selective group of gifted students. Students admitted to this program earn the Bachelor of Arts degree upon satisfactory completion. It also offers a curriculum that leads to the Bachelor of Science degree in music education and teacher certification in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This program focuses on music teaching techniques-methodologies and on solo performance. Students in both degree programs are required to present solo recitals as they culminate their studies.