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Student Handbook, 2012-2013

Music Performance

Mission of the Music Performance Program
The Mission of the Music Performance Program is to: (1) prepare students for
careers and further study in music performance by delivering a creative and comprehensive curriculum of music with emphasis on an orchestral or band instrument, voice or piano that prepares students to begin careers as performers and/or educators; (2) expand knowledge and understanding of music through research and lectures; (3) enrich the general cultural life of the University community through concerts, recitals, and seminars.

Entering music majors are encouraged to begin the music major curriculum during their first semester at Lincoln University. In order to determine the entering student’s performance proficiency and musical background, an audition and a battery of music tests are required before enrolling in music courses. Students who do not earn a satisfactory score on the Music Placement Examination are required to enroll in MUS-100 Music Fundamentals before enrolling in MUS-101 and MUS-105.

All music majors are required to audition before the music faculty on a solo instrument or voice. Appointments for auditions and other music tests may be made through the Department of Performing Arts. Auditioning students must bring their own music scores. An accompanist will be provided.

Students with deficiencies in performance and who are accepted by the department on probation must enroll in developmental applied music in voice or instrumental music for a maximum of four semesters or until the minimum standards are reached for enrollment in Applied Music in voice or instrumental performance. This status may require the student to continue to study beyond the normal four-year period.

Before the end of the Sophomore year, approval must be obtained in writing from the music faculty in order to continue in the major. Music Education majors should also apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program after the completion of 48 credits with an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher in order to enter the program and must maintain this average for the remainder of it.