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Lincoln University-Barnes Foundation Visual Arts Center of Excellence

Visual Arts

The Lincoln-Barnes Visual Arts Center of Excellence at Lincoln University provides students with a well-organized curriculum where they have the option to hone their skills as visual artists in the areas of ceramics, digital media, drawing, graphic arts, printmaking, and/or focus on museum culture and art history.

This is accomplished through an emphasis in either Studio Art or Museum Studies. Housed in an environment where intellectual exchange and problem solving are encouraged, students use the knowledge acquired about the art world to creatively express themselves.

By encouraging discovery through experimentation, the Lincoln-Barnes Visual Arts Center of Excellence prepares its students for advanced studies in the liberal arts and present-day careers. The success of the Center rests upon two historic strengths: the traditions of Lincoln University, and the legacy of our unique connection to the world-renowned Barnes Foundation.

ART 305: Drawing II
ART 310: Ceramics II
ART 315: Printmaking II
ART 320: Graphic Arts II/ Web Publication Design
ART 325: Painting II
ART 405: Drawing III
ART 409: Senior Seminar/ Capstone
ART 410: Ceramics III
ART 415: Printmaking III
ART 420: Graphic Arts III/ Layout and Typography
ART 425: Painting III
ART 495: Independent Research/Study