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Promotion and Tenure

Perhaps nothing is more nervwracking than applying for promotion or tenure. Your documents may be everywhere or nowhere. Many Web sites have great suggestions for organizing a tenure portfolio, print and online. Joy Burnham, Lisa Hopper and Vivian Wright all went through tenure between 2008 and 2012 and have some insights into answering the questions most faculty ask as they go through the process: "How do I present these materials?", "How can I be more efficient in the preparation process?", and "How can it be simplified yet complete?" Though we do not yet require an annual dossier or portfolio for promotion and tenure review, their suggestions are well worth reading.

Top 10 Strategies for Preparing the Annual Promotion and Tenure Dossier, Joy L. Burnham, Ph.D., Lisa M. Hooper, Ph.D., Vivian H. Wright, Ph.D.

The Tenure Box Online

When Anastasia Salter was applying for tenure, she gathered the documents for her portfolio into what she calls a Tenure Box, what I would call an online portfolio (see Cheryl Ball's, as an example).

A couple key things she learned:

  1. Too much is better than not enoughh.
  2. Invest in a document scanner.
  3. Don't trust the cloud.
  4. Redundancy is your friend.
  5. Don't wait until the end.
  6. Know what you've got.

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The Tenure Portfolio

What to put into a tenure portfolio? Know what your chair and dean are looking for. Then add your c.v., publications, papers given, teaching, grants and awards, service, review letters. Here is more, from the blog, The Professor Is In.

Some Examples of Tenure Portfolios

Cheryl Ball, Associate Professor, New Media Studies, Department of English, Illinois State University

J. R. Campbell, Research Fellow, Centre for Advanced Textiles, Glasgow School of Art

David Yamane, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Wake Forest University





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