What have you learned from your project about the principles and practices of good teaching that you would like to share with your colleagues?

Creating small writing assignments for a research paper is much more “doable” for students.  By breaking down each section (Introduction, Rationale, Review of Lit., etc.) students can focus on one particular section so that it is not as overwhelming.

In what way(s) did this project help your students gain new knowledge or skills?

Providing specific feedback to students by using rubrics aids in the writing process to help improve their writing skills. 

In what way(s) has your grant-funded project changed the way that you teach?

Incorporating more collaborative work with students during class. i.e., students as a group helping each other to refine/rework their research questions and thesis statements.   The “process” provided extra practice and insight in working together to develop and extrapolate their research.

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