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Faculty Development Projects

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During the 2008-2009 academic year, 25 Lincoln faculty members worked on special projects supported by faculty development grants.

Now that these projects have been completed, or are at least substantially underway, we have asked the grant recipients three questions, as part of an ongoing faculty conversation about teaching:

  1. What have you learned from your project about the principles and practices of good teaching that you would like to share with your colleagues?
  2. In what way(s) did this project help your students gain new knowledge or skills?
  3. In what way(s) has your project changed the way you teach?

To see the responses, just click "What I learned" after the project title. We hope you get much food for thought.

K. Ramachandra Bhat

Project: An exploratory study of DNA ligase I and recombination in mammals

Marilyn D. Button

Project: Women with a Vision: a Model for University/Urban Engagement; Funding the Mass Communications Program at Lincoln University

fac dev What I learned

Mahinder Chopra

Project: Participation in the "People to People Citizen Ambassador Program Special Libraries Delegation to China 2008"

fac dev What I learned

Jayne Cubbage

Project: " Welcome to LUC-TV" Lincoln University Cable Access Training Program for Faculty, Staff and Students 2008 - 2009

James L. DeBoy

Project: Improving Quantification Reasoning Across the HPER Curriculum

fac dev What I learned

Joanne R. DeBoy & Patricia Lewis-West

Project: Revision of the Oral Communications Program

Anthony DiFilippo

Project: Divisiveness and Synthesis in the Japan-North Korean Relationship: Broadening Student Awareness of Significant International Issues

fac dev What I learned

Jeff Hoogeveen

Project: Involving and Benefiting Students at No Cost to Them: Adding Digital Rhetorical Modes in English 101 and 102

fac dev What I learned

Tracey J. Hunter Hayes

Project: Construction of an annotative bibliography of Civil Rights

Chieke E. Ihejirika

Project: Why are Middle Class Black Americans more Liberal than their White Counterparts?

fac dev What I learned

Patricia Joseph

Project: Examination of the Effects of Technology on Student Learning

fac dev What I learned

Jamie Mansell

Project: Genotype and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Collegiate Athletes

fac dev What I learned

Lynnette Mawhinney

Project: A Life History Exploration of a Career in Education: Student Perspectives at an HBCU

fac dev What I learned

Robert E. Millette

Project: Revise and publish doctoral dissertation, "Social Stratification Among Grenadians in Brooklyn . . . The Impact of Migration and Change."

Zoran Milovanovich

Project: Online Instruction Material/WebCt Content Module

fac dev What I learned

Levi A. Nwachuku

Project: Begin a textbook titled, Introduction to History

Emery M. Petchauer

Project: Shall We Overcome?: A Case Study of Praxis Preparation at a Historically Black University

fac dev What I learned

Susan Gunn Pevar

Project: Attend a course in Special Collections Librarianship given at the University of Virginia's Rare Book School in Charlottesville, Virginia

fac dev What I learned

D. Zizwe Poe

Project: Developing Nile Valley Civilization Learning Resource Objects

fac dev What I learned

Maria I. Charle Poza

Project: Spanish Oral Proficiency Assessment for Better Language Programs and More Proficient Students: The ACTFL OPI Certification

fac dev What I learned

Linda J. Stine

Project: Proposal to Develop a Graduate Academic Services Website with an Online Tutoring Component

fac dev What I learned

Derrick J. Swinton

Project: Understanding Protein Aggregation Using Single Molecule spectroscopy

Sally B. Wagner

Project: Design capstone course (HPR 415: Issues and Trends in Allied Health) that is a certified writing/research emphasis course

fac dev What I learned

York Williams

Project: The College Math and Writing Achievement Gap and Implications for College Students of Color: Where do we go from here?

fac dev What I learned









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