What have you learned from your project about the principles and practices of good teaching that you would like to share with your colleagues?

In the area of history, it is important to expose students to primary source materials.  Such an exposure helps students to 'feel' the historical experience, which also helps them to remember the facts, or the historicity. 'Immersion' in the data is not always available by the two dimensionality of text.  Audio-visual presentations add a third dimension and actual visits to places where history happened add the fourth dimension of space-time.

In what way(s) did this project help your students gain new knowledge or skills?

My students actually learned to decipher ancient text and to examine the text in the environment in which the text was constructed.  This helped them to capture the 'attitude' of the text and to gain more insight to the authors of the text.  The students also increased their vocabulary and grammar skills by examining a foreign (albeit historic) language.

In what way(s) has your grant-funded project changed the way that you teach?

The grant-funded project has made me feel that museum and site visits are minimal requirements for a student's successful matriculation in history.  Before I thought that one could by-pass such an experience but I have now been convinced, positively, that such visits are required.

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