What have you learned from your project about the principles and practices of good teaching that you would like to share with your colleagues?

One element of good teaching is taking into consideration students' beliefs about their own academic capabilities in specific disciplines. Beliefs in one's capabilities to successfully complete an exercise in learning (i.e., self-efficacy) is a powerful predictor of students' decisions to engage in learning activities, overcome obstacles, and successfully complete a course of learning. In the field of teacher education, self-efficacy is relevant to how students go about preparing for high stakes, standardized certification exams such as Praxis.

In what way(s) did this project help your students gain new knowledge or skills?

The project is helping our students gain new knowledge because based upon it, we are making intentional effort to provide them with vicarious models of success and master experiences as they prepare to take their teacher certification exams.

In what way(s) has your grant-funded project changed the way that you teach?

The project has helped change the way that we run the Praxis Cohort. We are now more intentional in using the students who have already passed the Praxis exam as a resource to increase the self-efficacy of students who are still preparing to pass the tests. We use the first group of students as tutors and consultants because in these roles they function as vicarious models of success.

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