What have you learned from your project about the principles and practices of good teaching that you would like to share with your colleagues?

My Faculty Development Grant was awarded for a research study that I am using as a pilot for my dissertation data.  Although we have not completed the stats yet, we are expecting to have results that may help the health and welfare of our student athletes.

In what way(s) did this project help your students gain new knowledge or skills?

I have been using portions of the literature review in my HPR 314 and HPR 308 classes when we discuss head injuries and racial health disparities. Additionally, I will be applying for grant money and will be conducting more research in this area, which allows for the possibility of student research assistants.

In what way(s) has your grant-funded project changed the way that you teach?

Although this has not changed the way that I teach yet, we are hoping to build on this study to better educate our athletes in the future. The studies we have planned are generational studies and will hopefully sustain my research for awhile! My primary focus is to add to the scientific literature (1 article in submission and 1 presentation accepted), but the following teaching and learning experiences are also available:

  • I will share my research findings (content) with HPR 308/314 classes, and will also undoubtedly speak about the scientific method used in research studies;
  • conducting research reaffirms my commitment to the research process (modeling professional behavior); and
  • my research enhances my teaching (as evidenced by perusing the extant literature on the designated topic, which keeps me current in the field.)

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