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Faculty Development Projects

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During the 2009-2010 academic year, 22 Lincoln faculty members worked on special projects supported by faculty development grants.

Now that these projects have been completed, or are at least substantially underway, we have asked the grant recipients three questions, as part of an ongoing faculty conversation about teaching:

  • What have you learned from your project about the principles and practices of good teaching that you would like to share with your colleagues?

  • In what way(s) did this project help your students gain new knowledge or skills?

  • In what way(s) has your project changed the way you teach?

To see the responses, just click "What I learned" after the project title. We hope you get much food for thought.

Emanuel Babatunde

Project: Lincoln University Anthropology Majors’ Nicaragua Ethnographic Research Module for the enrichment of Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs) in Anthropology Courses

apple What I learned

Donald Bradt

Project: Transforming Bloom’s Higher Order Cognition Taxonomy into Student Learner Outcomes to measure Teaching and Learning in Lincoln University Political Science Courses

What I learned

Marilyn Button

Project: Assessing Quality in the Core: World Literature

What I learned

James DeBoy

Project: Improving Critical Thinking Skills Across the HPER Curriculum

What I learned

Anthony DiFilippo

Project: Japan-North Korean Relations and U.S. Security Concerns: Connecting Students to Northeast Asian Security Issues

What I learned

Wiliam Donohue

Project: Lincoln University Basic Writing Assessment: Students, Issues, and Assessment

What I learned

Dana Flint

Project: Utilizing Electronic Learning Technologies In Introduction to Philosophy (PHL 200)

What I learned

Carol George

Project: The Design and Implementation of an Enhancement Model for Pre-Service Teachers at Lincoln University: A Response to Research

What I learned

Moses Haimbodi

Project: Software for Numerical Methods and Math Modeling courses at Lincoln University & Related Training Workshops and Seminars for Applicant

What I learned

Jeffrey Hoogeveen

Project: Strengthening English 103 MLA Research Paper Assessment

What I learned

Mazharul Huq

Project: Peer Teaching Physics Using Clickers

What I learned

Patricia Joseph

Project: Enhancing the First Year Experience Course (FYE101) with On-Line Course Materials and Resources

What I learned

Abbes Maazaoui & Maria Poza

Project: Redesigning the Foreign Language Placement Exams

What I learned

Lynette Mawhinney

Project: Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE)

What I learned

Robert Millette

Project: Successful Fundraising Practices at Lincoln University, Spelman College and Howard University

apple What I learned

Zoran Milovanovich

Project: Online Instructional Material/WebCT Content Module

apple What I learned

Levi Nwachuku

Project: African-Americans in Electoral Political System, 1960 to 2008: An Anatomy of Socio-Political Revolution

What I learned

Jawahar Pathak

Project: Research Study on Instructional Module In Mathematics for Essential Science and Students’ Learner Outcome Enrichment.

What I learned

Emery Petchauer


What I learned

Susan Pevar

Project: Handbook for the Lincoln University Archives

What I learned

Daryl Poe

Project: Developing Nile Valley Civilization Learning Resource Objects (Phase II)

What I learned



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